Decor Products

Once the wet trades are complete, the building is plastered, and the substrates are suitably prepared and primed, the building is ready to be coated using one of the technologically advanced Terraco decorative finishing products.

The decor range consists of some of Terraco’s most internationally recognised brands.


Decorative Coatings

A magnificent range of premium quality, ready-mixed textured coatings available in 3 performance options: acrylic, silicone and elastomeric.

Stone Simulation Coatings

A comprehensive range of resin bound, natural aggregate, coatings.

Mineral Based Coatings

A superior quality, decorative, economical Tyrolean rendering primarily designed for long-life protection of exterior facades.

A coloured mineral plaster, which is applied in a single coat to give an attractive decorative finish.

Quality Paints (Exterior & Interior)

A range of environmentally friendly, high quality exterior emulsion paints.

A range of low VOC and ultra-low VOC, solvent free, superior interior emulsion paints.

Designer Collection

Luxurious, versatile and striking interior decorative wall coatings and finishes.

Wood Coatings

Quality water based wood coatings.


In addition, Terraco provides a range of high quality and durable Roof Tile Coatings and Pottery Coatings.

These tried and tested products have been successfully used to complete an untold number of public, commercial and private projects across the globe. Formulated, and proven to withstand searing desert heat, humid tropical climates, as well as freezing arctic conditions, these products are durable, versatile and designed to last.


Please contact your Terraco representative for further technical assistance.